Make Your Park an Outdoor Free Gym

Get a hardcore workout with the latest breed of monkey bars. - Daniel Harding, Jr
Make Your Park an Outdoor Free Gym

Picture this: it’s a wonderful day...but it also happens to be leg day. You hate to spend this glorious afternoon in your windowless gym, but you hate skipping out on your workout even more. Outdoor-Fitness, a manufacturer of workout equipment in Colorado, seeks to solve this dilemma by taking your workouts, as the name implies, outside.

 One of the countries largest manufactures of outdoor workout equipment, Outdoor-Fitness boasts more then 50 products that are available for purchase. With equipment ranging from lat pull down and leg press machines to ellipticals and stationary bikes, this equipment is not to be confused with the lone pull up bar in your local park.

 Outdoor-Fitness has already seen great success and has sold thousands of pieces of equipment to parks and communities internationally. Outdoor-Fitness hopes that the United States will follow the lead from other, slimmer countries. They hope that by having their machines in local parks people who cannot afford a gym membership have access to fitness equipment.

 “It is well established that fitness activities and good nutrition are the keys to good health and, thus, a more enjoyable and productive life,” said founder Barry King. “But in the United States and throughout many parts of the world, there is a plague of obesity or poor physical fitness caused, in part, by a shortage of fitness opportunities and/or motivation.”

 These machines that are built to endure the elements with little to no maintenance come with a steep price tag. A two person elliptical station runs (no pun intended) customers $1,246. Being able to enjoy your workout, while enjoying nice weather; hey this type of equipment might just be worth it.


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Really fitness equipment can make health fit for man and woman.

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