How To Get Perfect Body For Men Fast

Getting the perfect body fast is no easy feat. Achieving your goal will take a plan, commitment to the plan and patience. To get the perfect body, you must lose weight and build muscle with changes in your diet and adherence to a strict strength training and cardiovascular exercise program. In addition, you must continually monitor your progress to make sure you are improving and getting the perfect body fast.


Step 1

Reduce your overall caloric intake if you need to lose weight to get the perfect body. Choose foods that are low in calories, such as fruits and vegetables. Reduce your portion to a saucer-sized plate of food. Eat up to six times a day to give your body the proteins and energy it needs continually to become the perfect body.

Step 2

Eat lean meats, such as fish, poultry, pork or lean red meat, to make sure you have enough protein to build the perfect body. When you strength train, you break down muscle that needs to be rebuilt. Your body needs protein stores available to add muscle. Two to three servings of protein per day are adequate.


Step 1

Begin a strength-training program. You do not need to join a gym or purchase additional weights. Instead, perform exercises that just require your body weight, including pushups, squats, lunges, calf raises, crunches and triceps dips.

Step 2

Perform these six exercises three times per week. For each exercise, perform three sets. For each set, do as many repetitions as you can until you are too tired to perform another repetition. Rest for 30 seconds. Perform your next set. After you finish one exercise, rest for 30 seconds and start the next exercise. Write down how many repetitions you can perform per each set before you have to stop. Try to beat your record the next time you work out. Allow yourself one day of rest between workouts.

Step 3

Jog for 45 minutes per run, five days per week, to get the perfect body fast. Cardiovascular exercise will help you burn additional calories and shed fat, which will rest in a lean body. Jog at a pace that causes you to sweat. Allow yourself to take breaks until you get in good enough shape to run the full 45 minutes. Record your distance in your journal and try to run farther the next run.


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