Survey: A Short Workout is Effective Than The Long Ones

Stop the misconceptions about the sport!
A study in Denmark found that men with physically active on a relatively short period of time would get better results than those who kill the task.

In the few passed days, a survey revealed that the lightweights could have more positive effects than the heavyweights in the context of a bodybuilding program. Today is a new survey that just debunk the popular belief widespread in the world of sport. Thus, it would appear that short workouts would be much more effective than long sessions of sport.

In a study conducted in Copenhagen, men who engaged in 30 minutes of daily physical activity paradoxically have lost more weight than those who engaged in workouts an hour. These results all the more surprising were published in the American Journal of Physiology.

3.6 pounds lost in 3 months

Sixty subjects of the study were all Danish men overweight but healthy. Half of the men had to train one hour a day and the other half an hour. The subjects were fitted with a heart rate monitor and a calorie counter, and everyone should respect the main setpoint: activate enough to sweat.

Men who trained half an hour lost more weight (about 3.6 kg on average three months) than others (2.7 kg over three months).

How is this possible?

Several hypotheses have been advanced to explain this incongruous: an exercise session limited to 30 minutes may seem less overwhelming and therefore more motivating for subjects who may have continued to cause beyond the prescribed half hour.
Another possible explanation: those who were trained for one hour may be tempted to eat more afterwards.

This event joins the conclusion of a Canadian study which postulated that there is a tendency to overestimate the number of calories you burn during the workout, you also tend to eat a bit too much after the effort to compensate.


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