Body Weight Training Program

You can't go gym ? Train at home !

 If you want to get a good level of strength, muscular endurance, or to lose some fat, then this program is for you! Various training exercises in body weight that you will find below are the foundations of good musculature.

Everyone should be able to control his own body weight in different situations before even trying to lift weights. The weight of your body is sufficient to work your muscles out, and ... of course ... to burn excess fat (a healthy diet).

Why this program works so well?

The sequence of exercises done in an evolutionary way, you start the program at the bottom (no repeats) and you climb up to the top (many repetitions). Once at the top, you descend, simply.
If, however, you can not climb up the ladder, fatigue becomes too high, then you will begin your descent, you will be less repetitions.

The advantage of this procedure is that you will, throughout the program, able to perform the movements correctly because once attain your maximum, you will again fewer repetitions. Do not worry, you'll quickly understand.
The program has no time to rest, the sequence of exercises is done so as to allow one muscle group recover for another job.


These are the basic exercises bodybuilding programs to body weight, nothing more, nothing less.

ScalePush upsSquatsPumpsAbs

How does it work?

It's very simple, the first column "scale" is the series. So on one level you will make the indicated number of repetitions for each exercise, giving one push up, 5 squats, 3 pumps and 5 abs.
There is no rest between each exercise, bind them!

Once the first round is completed, you go directly to the scale 2, then 3 etc. ... Until you reach level 7 or until you feel the strength to increase repetition. At this point, you begin to descend the ladder.

For example, you are at the level 6 and feel you can not go any further, then you will begin the descent, you will level 5, then 4, 3.2 and 1.

This program is ideal for those beginners in bodybuilding to body weight.


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