How To Build a Perfect and Hot Body Right

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In order to build an integrated body, you must follow 3 things called the Triangle of perfection, namely:

1 - Serious training:

 It is not intended here training every day and strongly, but continual training, and are advised to exercise 3 times a week, and is exercise, according to a fixed schedule is the distribution of all the muscles in the body it, do not focus on the muscle without the other, but the exercises for all muscles of the body Do not be violent in the performance of exercises practiced, but slowly; to allow a greater degree of muscle use.

2 - Good nutrition.

Either sufficiency with little food, or rely on ready meals and fast, or lack of diversity of food ingredients in his food, and this is not fit to practice bodybuilding; as the muscle in order to grow you need Energy, and Energy is only available food, so there is a diet program that contains all the nutrients for the practitioner of the game.

Fat, carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals, water, most important of all for you as a bodybuilder.

The carbohydrate is not essential to supply your body what it needs energy, and the difference between them and the fat it precedes fat to supply the body with energy; as store fat in certain areas of the body so exhausted carbohydrates begins with the introduction of fat, so some types of carbohydrates such as sugar may start absorbed from the mouth, and the vitamins, minerals and water, they protect you.

3 - Adequate rest.

 It is intended here through the exercise must be given the opportunity for the body to rest between an exercise and another, and also take a warm bath after each exercise, and generally you should not stay late at night, you should sleep for 6 to 10 hours a day.


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