How To Lose Weight at Work

Lose weight at work? That possible! all the tricks and tips is in this article!

1.) Meet on the Move
Instead of booking a conference room, ask colleagues to join you on a walk. Seriously. Just make sure the topic is relatively informal—brainstorming, not budgets, for example. Even an easy pace burns 10 times more calories than sitting for an hour—150 vs. a measly 15.
2.) Get on Your Feet
Stand up while talking or typing. (You may need to request a headphone or long cord, or a podium for your keyboard.)
3.) Find a Partner
A co-worker with similar fitness goals won't push for fast-food breaks and will help you stay motivated. Maybe you can both buy pedometers and see who gets in the most steps each day. If you have iPhones, there's a free app called Walk 'n Play that tracks your movements and pits you against a friend or a simulator.
4.) Tackle Takeout
If you eat with your co-workers, offer to order lunch for the group. That way, you'll control your options. In fact, you're probably not the only one who would appreciate the healthier choices.
Bonus Tip: Three Healthy Snacks Worth Keeping in your Drawer
  • Tuna Packets: High in protein, low in fat and carbs, nearly perfect.
    Our Pick: StarKist Chunk Light Tuna
  • Cereal: Stash a box of high-fiber cereal, along with a few disposable bowls and spoons.
    Our Pick: Kellogg's All-Bran Bran Buds
  • Nutrition Bars: Your best bet is to find bars that have a healthy balance of protein, carbs, fiber, and healthy fats.
    Our Pick: Met-Rx Protein Plus bar


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