Shoulders Workout For a Hot Upperbody

Every Man seeks for a good look and to have an attractive look, and the shoulders is one of the most important muscle for men's apparency, so here's a exercise to work out you shoulders. 

Shoulders muscles is very important for men's good looking, and most of people don't give a lot of important to this muscle, so they work most of their body except  the shoulders who makes the body  inconsistent.
So here's a exercise that will help you to have a perfect shoulder muscles:

The first exercise:

Carried out by men in a standing position while carrying out weights in the front of his body to the level of your vision not more so you don't get torn a muscle.

The second exercise (the muscle side):

This one can be exercised in a standing position or by sitting down, so you have to left your both arms to your side.

The third exercise:

You have to curve your back and geminate your knees and left your arms in arc form to the highest point that you can. 


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